Robiatul Adawiyah,S.Pd

These link consists about the all materials and some exercises/tasks in English for students class 7, 8 and 9 grades, such as:

7 grades materials:

  1. Good morning, How are you?
  2. It’s Me
  3. What time is it?
  4. This is My world
  5. It’s a Beautiful Day
  6. We Love What We Do
  7. I’m Proud of Indonesia
  8. That what’s friends are supposed to do

8 grades materials:

  1. It English Time
  2. We Can Do it, We Will Do It
  3. We Know What We Do
  4. Come to My Birthday, Please!
  5. I’m So Happy for you
  6. Our Busy Roads
  7. My Uncle is Zookeeper
  8. When, I was a Child
  9. Yes, We Made It 
  10. Don’t Forget It, Please!
  11. We Got a Lots of Histories

9 grades materials:

  1. Congratulations!
  2. Lets start our wall magazine!
  3. What Should I do that for?
  4. Be healthy, be happy
  5. This is How you do it.
  6. Everybody is always in the middle of something
  7. What will be will be
  8. We have been to an orphan home. We when there last Sunday
  9. You get what you earn
  10. Sangkuriang
  11. They are made in Indonesia
  12. What is it?
  13. Come and visit us!
  14. You can always come back home