Robiatul Adawiyah,S.Pd

These link consists about the all materials and some exercises/tasks in English for students class 7 & 8  grades, such as:

7 grades materials:

  • Good morning, How are you?
  • It’s Me
  • What time is it?
  • This is My world
  • It’s a Beautiful Day
  • We Love What We Do
  • I’m Proud of Indonesia
  • That what’s friends are supposed to do

8 grades materials:

  • It English Time
  • We Can Do it, We Will Do It
  • We Know What We Do
  • Come to My Birthday, Please!
  • I’m So Happy for you
  • Our Busy Roads
  • My Uncle is Zookeeper
  • When, I was a Child
  • Yes, We Made It 
  • Don’t Forget It, Please!
  • We Got a Lots of Histories